A Brief History of Bushnell Rangefinder Company

In this post, we will be talking about the company Bushnell. How it evolved in years and how it got established by a single man. First of all, it is an American company which produced products related to optics. So, a rangefinder is an exact fit in this category. The company’s exact location is Overland perk, Kansas and is a subsidiary of Vista Outdoor. If we start to count, the Bushnell company produces a range of products for their customers. It includes binoculars, telescope, GPS devices, laser rangefinders and many high-end optical types of equipment.

The founder of the company is David P. Bushnell, and the year it formed was 1948. The story went like this when David was returning from California after enjoying his honeymoon in Japan he had with his two crates of binoculars which he sold via mail order. He was very precise with his binoculars and which were for the first time can be bought by a middle-class American family due to its affordable price. He was successful in providing these affordable binoculars by implementing a simple strategy. The strategy was that he import optics from manufacturers of Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan to whom he gave a patented specification.

Company History

After more than 20 years from forming the business, it was sold to Bausch and Lomb and built with a new name called Bushnell Performance Optics. But again, in 1999 it was acquired from Bausch and Lomb by a private equity firm known for Wind Point Partners. Then, in 2007 Bushnell was acquired by MidOcean Partners which is a private equity firm and it purchased Bushnell through leveraged recapitalisation. In 2013, Alliance Techsystems announced of obtaining Bushnell through a definitive agreement by paying $985 million in cash. After that in 2015, ATK or Alliance Techsystems merged with Orbital Sciences as a result of which Bushnell becomes the subsidiary of Vista Outdoor.

During these years the Bushnell company also acquired many brands potential of helping the company to produce more products. Among those lines, there are some eyewear brands, a night vision product brand, one sporting optics company namely Tasco, acquired Michael’s of Oregon and lastly Bushnell acquired some assets of Simmon Outdoor Corporation which is a sub-brand of Meade Instruments.

Their primary product line has always been golf rangefinder. So, let’s take a look at this product.

The rangefinder in a golf game

A rangefinder is something that you can use right now to not only check the yardage on the course but also to see if you can start making better determinations on the golf course. You might find that it is a lot easier for you to take these measurements with the rangefinder while you still can, and you must have the rangefinder with you to check your accuracy. It means that you can learn how to play golf better, and you have a tool to use by which you will make success in your golf game in a smooth way.

Let’s dive into some of the fundamental questions people have regarding this equipment.

1. How Does It Work?

The laser rangefinder is something that you can use on the course to get the exact measurement. To get a full explanation about the mechanism of a laser device, click here. There are lots of people who will find out that they can check their measurements faster, and you could do it in seconds as you dig in your golf bag. You might want to bring this device with you in the golf cart so that you do not have a problem.

2. How Big Is It?

About the size of a rangefinder is not a big deal to tackle. It is a small device which can be comfortably fit into a pocket, and a golfer can carry it anywhere without any issue. It is a small device and can be a size of a small handheld camera. So, the portability of this device is not a factor a golfer should worry about.

You could get one that is on your watch, and you must be sure that you have chosen one that you might want to wear every day. It means that you could have the watch on your wrist everywhere that you go, and that also means that you have to have the watch with you so that you can go out for a round on the spur of the moment. You also need to be sure that you have chosen the right sort of watch for your style.

3. Is it Durable?

The short answer is yes. It is durable because you can use it in the rain and heavy wind. The laser will not have a problem getting to where it is supposed to go, and you must have the watch that you think will last long enough. It means that you could wear it to work and knock it around a little bit because it will still work. You could get one of the bigger rangefinders, and the hard case will protect your device. You could drop it by accident, but it will still work after the fact.

4. Is it Affordable?

You can buy one of these things online for much less money, and it will help you have a much better golfing experience. You have spent money on the clubs and clothes, and you need to be certain that you have found the rangefinder that you think works best for you. You must consider the specification that will give you the best value, and it entirely depends on your level of engagement and day to day involvement in the game. You can check a comparison page for a correct decision. You can choose to spend as little, or as much as you think is needed.

5. Will it Work for any golf player?

Anyone who is using the rangefinder needs to remember that they can make the best golf shots when they have a rangefinder. It is so much easier for people to use a rangefinder that they can learn distances, and you start to get a touch for the golf ball that you did not have before. You could actually check your distances on the range, and you will learn what is happening every time you hit the ball. Definitely, it a piece of equipment that every serious golfer who wants to learn this game without any hassle should have it.

The best rangefinder for you is the one that meets your needs. You could get one on a watch, or you could get a large device that you will carry on the golf cart. Everyone has a chance to make the best golf shots when they have a rangefinder to use, and you must see if you can find one online that is priced in the right way. Each person who is buying one of these rangefinders could bring it to the course or the driving range to check yardage. But, if you are playing tournaments than you must check if it is compliant with USGA terms and conditions.

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