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Those with no insurance or do not have money to pay their medical needs should research their options with medical tourism in Thailand.

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    Surgery in ThailandWe offer international patients help with booking every aspect of their medical tour to Thailand. Using our team, you will save money and experience less stress than trying to do it all on your own. Years of experience in Thailand with doctors, hospitals, hotels and travel.

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    Surgery in ThailandPatients can take advantage of traveling abroad to address their medical needs with better prices and better service. Escape the expensive medical bills of home, and enjoy a wonderful vacation to Thailand. Regardless if you have no insurance, you will not be denied care.

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    Surgery in ThailandHaving surgery in Thailand may have been the furthest thing from your mind, but you will wish it was the first. Thai surgeons are board certified and had training in the USA and Europe. Hospitals are equipped with modern equipment and large staff of nurses ready to help.

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Although this statement may seem misleading, it helps make the point about how affordable healthcare in Thailand actually is. If you compare the cost of just the surgery back home to the total cost it is to travel to Thailand, hotel, transportation, tour, and surgery; you are able to save money and have a memorable vacation in Thailand – The Land of Smiles.

Don’t pay the tourist price! Surgery in Thailand offers affordable healthcare with first class hospitality. Many companies are taking advantage of it by charging tourist more, since the price is already low. We don’t believe in that and we want to grow the popularity by offering the best price without compromising care.

We have lived here our whole lives and understand how the medical system in Thailand operates. There are a number of promotions available periodically, so make sure you take advantage of what is being offered. There are always discounts, promotions, and bargains to be had.

Thailand is filled with a number of great hotels. It can be frustrating pouring through the hotel reviews trying to decide where to stay. We will help you find the perfect hotel, but make sure you get the best price on it!

Thailand is filled with great deals. Make your trip as worth wild as possible by taking advantage of all that is available. Let us guide you and coordinate your medical tour from start to finish.

Contact us for a FREE Quote and find out about your healthcare opportunities in Thailand!

Explore our website and the internet and see which procedures are available and are interesting to you. Then compare your costs and see if traveling to Thailand offers the savings and benefits you want.

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Patient Reviews

Thanks Nick for helping me get the best deal on my surgery and hotel. Everything went very well and I appreciate all the advice and help you gave me when I was in Thailand!
Ms. W, USA

Patient Reviews

How To Get Started


Research all of your options.

Read websites, forums, and talk with doctors back home. Find out what procedures you are interested in, and what areas of your body you would like to improve. There is a wealth of knowledge online to help get you started, and to help answer basic questions.

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Submit your details and photos for an online quote.

Find out how much your desired surgery costs in Thailand. If you are unsure the, surgeon can recommend procedures and provide an online consultation. We will provide a complete cost for everything you need so you can compare costs.


Take our quote and compare your options.

For many Thailand offers savings, but not for all people and all procedures. If you are coming to Thailand anyways then it is obviously ideal to address your medical needs. However, there is no point getting on a plane if the savings isn’t enough.


Book your flight and hotel, and then prepare.

Once you are ready to book we will assist in booking your medical appointments and guiding you and getting the best deals on transportation and hotels. We will suggest how to best plan your trip and coordinate your medical tour from start to finish.

How To Plan Your Surgery

Submit your information and what you would like to accomplish. If possible send photos for the doctor to review. We will submit a free no obligation medical quote for surgery in Thailand.

Book your consultation and surgery date. We will plan your medical tour from start to finish based on your travel dates. Receive information about the latest deals on hotels, tours, and transportation provided to you absolutely free. Don't pay the tourist price and get the best deals in Bangkok.

Travel to Thailand for an unforgettable holiday. Recover in paradise and relaxation. Don't worry about the details. We can help you plan as you go, making sure you are not stuck with a pre-paid package when you are not feeling up to it yet.

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Medical News

23rd Jan 2014Popular Nose Shape for Rhinoplasty
Popular Nose Shape for Rhinoplasty
23rd January 2014
Popular Nose Shape for Rhinoplasty

The shape of the nose for a rhinoplasty depends on many factors. It is important to discuss plastic surgeon your concerns and general ideas on how you would like your new nose to look. It is important that plastic surgeon understands your concerns and then discusses with you on what can actually be achieved. This will help deliver rhinoplasty results that the patient desires. It is also important that the nose looks natural and balanced with the face and does not appear to be operated upon. You want people to say you look beautiful and not that you had a nice nose job.

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13th Jan 2014Natural Breast Lift
Natural Breast Lift
13th January 2014
Natural Breast Lift

Most women would like to improve the size, lift and firmness of their breasts. Breast implant surgery can be expensive, unless you travel overseas to Thailand.

The snake-oil pills and bizarre contraptions available promise everything but deliver nothing except broken promises. Exercises to develop and tone the muscles of the chest can improve the lift and firmness of breasts and may have a small effect on size.

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23rd Dec 2013Veneers
23rd December 2013

Dental Veneers are thin, individual hand crafted wafers of porcelain or plastic, which can be bonded to your teeth to change their shape, color or alignment. Often an alternative to crowns, dental veneers look completely natural and are made of a very durable ceramic material that actually strengthens your tooth!

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16th Dec 2013Pathumwan Princess Hotel
Pathumwan Princess Hotel
16th December 2013
Pathumwan Princess Hotel

Pathumwan Princess Hotel is not only widely regarded as Bangkok’s premier 5 star plus hotel, that view is also held across the Asian region, reflected in several major awards presented over the last few years. Strategically located, adjacent to the popular MBK shopping and office complex, and within easy walking distance of the city's entertainment and classy shopping hub, visitors are amazed at the diversity of Siam Square, Siam Discovery, Siam Paragon and Central World Plaza.

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16th Dec 2013Spine Surgery
Spine Surgery
16th December 2013
Spine Surgery

Trauma, aging, improper body mechanics, and normal wear and tear can all lead to injury of the spine. Damage to any part of your back or pressure on the nerves in your spine can cause sevear back pain and other symptoms. If you have persistant back pain, back surgery may be an option for you.

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Thailand offers many great tours and travel destinations, and is rated as one of the best places to visit. Receive your medical care in Thailand and take advantage of all this unique destination has to offer.

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