Frequently Asked Medical Tourism Questions to help provide quick answers to common questions and concerns about traveling to Thailand for medical care. For FAQs about specific procedures, please visit that procedure page for more information. Feel free to contact us any time.

Q: Here is heading for answer no. 1

A: Medical Tourism is the term given for individuals seeking treatment abroad. It has grown over time as the quality and the attractiveness of low cost medical treatment in countries such as India, Thailand, Singapore and Turkey have grown in reputation and stature.

As the cost and waiting times of medical treatment increase in countries like the UK, many people view this service as an effective and reliable alternative to expensive private health care. Many combine their treatment with a holiday to their destination, hence the term Medical Tourism.

On the other hand patients from developing countries go on medical tourism due to lack of facilities in their own countries.

Q: Why use Glory Surgery agency?

A: The Medical Tourist Company is a leading player in supporting individuals who are seeking medical treatment abroad. Our approach is to provide a quality service through our preferred partners who understand the requirements of our customers.

Furthermore we work with our customers to minimize the effort and energy in organizing such treatment, allowing you to focus on your health and well-being. We work with partners who have the experience and capability for treating International patients.

Q: What surgery and treatments are available in Thailand?

A: Thailand offers a long list of surgery and treatments available. What you are able to have performed is usually limited by the amount of time you have available. Thailand hospital care specializes in elective surgery, as many international are traveling overseas to address these medical desires.

Our aim is to facilitate access to the best quality treatment and care to our customers. You can be assured of receiving quality service from our team of experienced professionals. We will work with you to ensure all your needs and preferences are met.

Q: How much will it cost?

A: The cost of treatment will vary based on your individual requirements. We can however assure you that the cost will be significantly lower than private care back home with exceptional care and service included. We provide accurate pricing information for all of our patients. We do require a deposit of some packages to reserve dates.

We offer package discounts that can be modified, even after you arrive. Please contact us and we will be provide a free online quote based upon your requirements.

Q: Do you give medical opinions and advice?

A: Although we have medical expertise and a history of organizing medical tours, our policy has been not to provide medical advice and for patients to deal directly with the doctor. Our partners will offer their advice and a free consultation online based on the information and pictures you provide. However, without a thorough health check and an in-person consultation, accurate medical advice is difficult to provide.

Our approach however, will ensure that the information collected will allow the medical team abroad to give appropriate advice and treatment prior to your arrival in Thailand.

Q: Which medical centers will I visit?

A: We base our partnerships on the quality and skill of the doctor and not the hospital. Thai doctors work at a multiple of hospitals in Thailand, so we are able to book at which ever hospital is providing the best deal for our patients or is best for the doctor.

Depending on which procedure and what time frame you are interested in booking will also determine where you will visit. If any patient has a preferred hospital, then we are happy to book appointments at that hospital.

Q: Can I travel and do tours?

A: Most patients travel and visit tours, but we advise they take it easy. Depending on what surgery or treatment they have will also dictate what the can and can not do. We have ideal packages to help expidite planning of medical tours. All tours can be modified and changed, even after you arrive. We will assist with book and recommending travel destinations and tours that meet your requirements of time in Thailand and how you are feeling.

If possible we do recommend tours and traveling be done prior to your surgery if your schedule allows for it. This way your remaining portion of your trip can be focused on recovering.

Q: Can I book my own hotel/tour/travel arrangements?

A: Of course. Any company that says you cannot I would be warry of. If you have a preferred hotel, tour, or travel provider; by all means use them. We will even help provide information, booking confirmation, and discounts if possible.

We recommend that we make the booking only to make sure we can easily confirm and change it. Also it will help lower your stress and worries. You focus on your health, and we will handle all the rest.

Q: Will I have a personal assistant?

A: Personal assistants are available upon request. They are an affordable option that really helps make your stay much better. Personal assistants used to be apart of every tour, but due to patient requests and surveys to reduce cost we made this feature optional.

Q: Do the doctors and nurses speak English?

A: All of our partner hospitals, clinics, and businesses are fluent in English. With us booking every aspect of your tour, we can also make sure language barriers or miscommunication does not arise. We are available to translate, as our the personal assistants if you choose to book one.

We even provide English training and professional development courses for admin and nursing staff with some of our partners.

Q: What about after care when I return home?

A: Depending on your treatment you will be advised on the “after-care” program and provided instructions. Instructions will also be provided by Email and general care instructions are also available on our website in the procedure section. We will also be a point of contact after the treatment if you have any questions when ever you need us. If you have questions or concerns feel free to contact us and we will help get the information from your surgeon.