Hip Replacement Safe Sex

Hip Replacement Safe Sex

A scientific study was under taken to establish what are safe sexual position for post-op hip replacement patients. The study was taken very serious and their results are actually very impressive. By taking their time and creating 3D images, they were able to present their results in a medical journal that patients and their partners will appreciate.

Although many patients who have hip surgery are usually older, and assumed to be less sexually active, it is then more important that these patients do not have their sex life diminished any further. In fact, in a recent post we showed a report that joint replacement improves sex life.

Types of Hip Surgery

Types of Hip Surgery

The reason this sex position study was under-taken by a group of Swiss researchers is because after hip surgery patients are limited to their hips range of motion. This effects many activities and sex is one of them.

Sex posed a greater risk for woman than for men, because most of the positions required “extreme” range of movement, including lots of flexing and external rotation of the joint. For men, less mobility was required.

The hip range after hip replacement surgery was studied and compared with various sex positions. A motion capture study with two volunteers was performed. 12 common sexual positions were captured and relevant hip joint kinematics calculated. The recorded data were applied to prosthetic hip 3D models to evaluate impingement and joint instability during motion. To explore the effect of acetabular component positioning, nine acetabular cup positions were tested.

Four sexual positions for women requiring intensive flexion (> 95°) caused prosthetic impingements (associated with posterior instability) at 6 cup positions. Bony impingements (associated with anterior instability) occurred during one sexual position for men requiring high degree of external rotation (> 40°) combined with extension and abduction at all cup positions. This study indicates that some sexual positions could be potentially at risk after Total Hip Replacement, particularly for women.

Sex Positions After Hip Surgery

Safe and Unsafe Sex Position After Hip Surgery

Safe and Unsafe Sex Position After Hip Surgery

Tips For Sex After Hip Surgery

  • Take a mild pain medication about 20-30  minutes before sex. This can help prevent minor aches. Avoid taking medication so strong that it masks warning pain.
  • Have pillows and rolled towels nearby. They can be used for body support.
  • Relax. Do a few easy stretches within a safe range of motion.

Top 5 Sex Positions After Surgery

Woman facing man on bed

Face-to-face works after either a hip or knee replacement. This position works after either a hip or a knee replacement. Being on the bottom is safe for a man or a woman with a new joint. The partner on the bottom keeps his or her legs apart and turned out slightly. Use pillows to support the legs on the outside. Depending on comfort, the person on the bottom can recline propped up on pillows or lie flat. If the man has a new hip joint, place pillows between his knees. This keeps them from crossing his body’s midpoint (bellybutton).

Man and woman sitting on chair

The sitting-in-a-chair position is safe for a man or a woman with a hip or knee replacement. This position works after a hip or knee replacement. It is a safe position for a man or a woman with a new joint. The man sits on a straight chair. His feet are supported or are flat on the floor. The woman sits on the man’s lap.

Woman lying on bed, man kneeling

Woman-lying-and-man-standing works for a woman with a new hip or knee joint. This position works for a woman with a new hip or knee joint. The woman lies on the bed on her back, buttocks near the edge of the bed. Both feet should be supported or flat on the floor. The man kneels in front of the woman, on pillows placed on the floor. His hands are placed on either side of her body.

Man and woman lying on their right side

The side-lying position works for a man with a new knee joint, or a woman with either a new hip or knee. This position works for a man with a replaced knee joint. He should lie on his side, with the new joint on the bottom. A woman with a replaced hip or knee joint can also use this position. She lies on her side, with the new joint on the bottom. Use pillows for support.

This position is for a man with a new hip joint.

He lies on top of his partner. His legs are stretched out behind him, with a pillow between his knees. He supports his weight on his elbows.


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    I have both hip joint replaced but still doing sex only doggy style. But i want to know some other style.All articles only show 1side replaced but no where find position(picture). Please give both replaced guy do sex how?
    please please sent me pictures i m in a big problem.

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